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Do you know an outstanding caregiver in your community? Let them know how much you appreciate them by nominating them for recognition!

Maple Creek would like to give recognition to the caregivers of Utah County. Throughout our 11 years of providing home health and hospice care we have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing caregivers who give so much day after day. Without the support of caregivers, many seniors in our community would not be able to stay in their homes safely. Caregivers are of vital importance in our community, it takes a compassionate, caring, loving person to give as much as they do.

To Qualify: The caregiver must provide care to a senior (65 and older) living in Utah County, that does not receive reimbursement for the assistance they provide.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to call Melissa at 801-798-5333.

If you would prefer to enter by mail click here to download nomination mail in form.

Recognition ceremonies: will be held quarterly at Maple Creek’s office located at 290 West Center Street, Spanish Fork at 1:00 pm on the dates listed below. Nominee’s will be notified of ceremony the first week of the month in which the ceremony is held.
*Tuesday, September 26th 2023 (Nominations must be received by October 31st 2023)
*Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024 (Nominations must be received by December 31st 2023)
*Additional dates for 2024 will be announced January 2024.

Additional Information:
*All nominee’s entered will be recognized at the “Maple Creek Outstanding Caregiver Ceremony” which will be held at Maple Creek’s office located at 290 West Center Street, Spanish Fork Utah.
*Both the caregiver and the person nominating the caregiver will receive confirmation of the date and time in which the ceremony will be held by phone.
*All nominees will receive an award certificate and a small gift.
*If you choose to remain anonymous, please make sure to mention that on your entry form. We will still need your information in the event we are unable to contact the caregiver with the information provided.
*Friends and family of the caregiver are welcome to attend the ceremony as well, we ask that we receive a head count of attendees to ensure Maple Creek can accommodate all visitors. In the event we have more attendees than space, Maple Creek will find a different location for the ceremony and inform all caregivers and the person who nominated them of the change of venue.
*Caregivers nominated will be asked to complete a media release form for social media images and other media outlets use of images or videos. The caregiver does have the option to opt out of their image being used for media purposes.
*While we will do our best to make sure all nominations received by the specified deadline will be recognized at the ceremony in which the deadline correlates with, it is possible some caregivers may be recognized at a later date. If this is the case, the caregiver and person nominating the caregiver will be notified of the ceremony date.
*To ensure your nomination was received by mail, you are welcome to call Melissa at 801-798-5333 to check on it.

Maple Creek Home Health and Hospice’s Outstanding Caregiver Recognition nomination form

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